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Xtend A Room

After A Full Day Of Activities, Nothing Beats A Great Place To Kick Back And Relax

An Xtend-A-Room expands a trailer's living space by as much as 60 square feet - plenty of room to stretch out and revisit all of the day's adventures.

There are two sizes that each expand to fit your specific space requirements.

Adjustable support poles have crimping locks to ensure all sides fit securely.

  • Easy installation, complete protection standard size fits 79.5" to 86.5" H x up to 91" W x 86" D. Large Size fits 86.5" to 95.5" H x 91" to 99" W x 91" D
  • Inside door frame mounting is quick and easy
  • No tools required after initial set-up
  • Corner straps keep room from shifting
  • Side and top panels unzip for a better fit
  • Two ramp stands are included
  • Double case tote bag stores tent room separately from poles and ramp stands to prevent tears
  • Weatherproof privacy panels and floor skirt add rain protection
  • Interior wall pockets for extra storage
Technical Data 
Awning type Accessorie
Power or Manual Manual
Available lengths (in/ft) Standard / Large

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