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Deluxe Plus Window Awning

The Extra Touch that Does So Much

Complement your A&E 8500 patio awning with great-looking Deluxe Plus window awnings. They're made from the same top-quality A&E 4-ply vinyl fabric, with a color-coordinated weathershield and matching universal hardware.

Matches A&E 8500 and all other A&E vinyl patio awnings Rich, vibrant Horizon or Shadow pattern, top and bottom Weathershield and valance are color coordinated.

  • The PermaLoop pull strap is easy to use, and setup takes around five seconds
  • Famous, rugged A&E universal hardware
  • Fast and easy to install
  • 13-Oz. 4-Ply polyester-reinforced vinyl fabric
  • Choice of 12 fabric colors 18" Standard or 30" tall
  • Hardware in 6 colors; Polar White, Mende White, Satin, Champagne, Black or Gold
  • Optional matching or monchromatic metal weathershield
  • Vinyl weathershield is standard Lengths from 2.5' to 8' in 6" increments or 9' to 12' in 1' increments
Technical Data 
Awning type Window
Power or Manual Manual
Weight. (lbs.) 6.5-21.5
Available lengths (in/ft) 30" - 144"

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